Megan Chambers

Megan is a jack of all trades in the arts. She grew up in her family's wood shop on a farm in Texas, giving her experience in working extremely hard in trying conditions. Her drive and passion makes itself known in every project she gets her hands on. Her attitude towards life is that of an open-minded individual who is enthusiastic to meet and know people from all walks of life. 

Megan has been playing with makeup from a very young age and certainly lets that same fearless experimentation show in her work today. She is an endless stream of creativity, and her work-ethic is hard to find in the average person today.


Aug.- Oct. 2021 The Accursed

Properties Fabricator

Savannah, Georgia


2020-2021 Instructor

Airbrush and Body Paint, and Special FX 

The L Makeup Institute 

2019- Game Chasers

Vendor/ Art Production Assistant

Dallas, Texas


2019- In The Heights

Wig Master/ Run Crew

Pittsburgh Musical Theatre


2018- Imagine

Theatrical Makeup Designer

University of North Texas

2018- Fabulation

Theatrical Assistant Makeup Designer

University of North Texas


2015-19 Good Friday Reenactment

Special Effects Makeup Artist

First Baptist Church

2015-17 Shattered Dreams

Special Effects Makeup Artist

Burnet High School

Professional Skills

SFX and Cosmetic Makeup

Body Painting


Wig/Hair Styling

Scenic Painting

Costume Design/Construction

Prop Fabrication

Mold Making and Casting



Hair Ventilation, Laying, and Punching

Foam, Gelatin, and Silicone Applications

Microsoft Word and Powerpoint


Problem Solving


Time Management




Tom Savini Special Make-up Effects Program

Specialized Business Associates Degree



IDEA Scholarship 

Student Spotlight Award 2018

Douglas Award 2019

Deans List 4 semesters

University of North Texas

Undergraduate Theatre Technical BA



Alpha Psi Omega Theatrical Fraternity

-Awarded “Best Pledge"

President's List for 4 semesters

Deans List 2 semesters

What They're Saying

"Assertive, go-getter who isn't afraid to learn and explore new things."

- Donna Marquet, Professor 

"Megan is always willing to volunteer her time in service of Theatre. She works very hard, she collaborates well, and she is always suggesting productive ideas that move us (Alpha Psi Omega) in a fun direction!"

- Ashley Haus, President of Alpha Psi Omega 

"Megan is the most eccentric and creative individual I know, and I am lucky to know her."

- Savannah Elayyach, Vice President of Alpha Psi Omega 

"Megan possesses strong leadership qualities. She is highly responsible, meets deadlines, and is highly collaborative."

- Amanda Breaz, Advisor 

"Megan is blessed with considerable humor, wit and self-confidence.  Megan pursues all endeavors with passion and enthusiasm. This young lady truly puts her heart into all she is involved in and motivates others by her hard work and dedication.  She is fun-loving, likable, enthusiastic, trustworthy, funny, and many people, including myself, enjoy being in her presence."

- Amanda Brandenburg, Theatre Director 

"Megan is a very hardworking, talented, confident, inquisitive, artistic, outgoing, and kind person."

- John McIntire, Shop Head 

"Megan is always in the Theatre Shop, she does her work all the time. "

- Mario Tooch, Technical Director 

"Megan is so dedicated to everything she does. I'm not sure how she does it all, but everything she does has so much of her energy put into it, it's incredible. "

- Kasi Flores, Fellow Designer